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stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and acknowledges the urgent need for community and global awareness as well as immediate change and action surrounding the support of the Black community and Artists of Color.  MDTN denounces any form of racism and injustice, and instead is committed and determined to moving forward to increase inclusion, visibility and celebration of Artists of Color.
MDTN will operate with heightened awareness regarding inclusivity, outreach, and visibility to artists of color in order to truly stand by the MDTN mission of elevating, developing, and engaging MKE with opportunity and artistic promotion in the fields of dance and physical theatre.
JOIN the MDTN artists today as we imagine + take artistic + socialized actions to strengthen Milwaukee.
OUR MISSION: MDTN elevates the fields of dance and physical theater by fostering collaborative relationships, developing regional audiences, and engaging in advocacy through dialogue and action.  
Benefits of membership:
1. Individual Artist MDTN membership dues lowered to $20 from the group dues of $35.  
2. Increased development of opportunities for networking with artists and communities of color for both MDTN membership and community-building
3. Encouraged MDTN performances in a wider variety of MKE neighborhoods
4. Continued community engagement projects, partnerships, and opportunities produced with more emphasis on expanding the breadth of our participating community.

We work in partnership with the Wisconsin Dance Council.  WDC recognizes the voices of our community’s desire to participate in a growing network of artists that can support/provide/collaborate for feasible sustainable growth.


As such, we have pledged to create a space for our artistic community: independent artists, collaborators, organizations, and community members to support, connect and enhance their network across Wisconsin during these difficult times during the 2021 season.

photo credit: Mark Frohna, Enchanted Parking Lot; Danceworks;

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