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DanceCircus changes lives. We present concert performances of, topical concerns with artistry, drama and humor. We develop interactive projects that inspire, educate and entertain people throughout the community. We produce school and youth programs engaging children in the physical and mental challenges of creative problem solving and the discipline of performance.

It is our mission to:

  • create original dance works blending theatre, music and poetry

  • give voice to the creative and healing stories of diverse people through expressive movement opportunities; and,

  • train dance artists as valued community resources to work with diverse people in workshops and community projects.


DanceCircus celebrates over 40 years of inspiring, challenging,and entertaining performances marked by artistry, clarity, elegance, and simplicity. Artistic Director Betty Salamun weaves together movement, words, and music to create dances of power and meaning for audiences of all ages. Working with award winning poets, musicians, and visual artists she creates interdisciplinary performances. These collaborative performances incorporate non-dancers, students, people in agencies and diverse performers connecting the creative process of DanceCircus with life and work in the community.

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